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France meets Vietnam – Charlotte Cake inspired Bánh da lợn (Vietnamese “Pig Skin Cake”) with Cream-like Sesame Filling

June 5, 2011

So here it comes… …Give it up for the ultimate Charlotte Cake inspired Bánh da lợn with a rich and cream-like white sesame filling! … Well, okay. Maybe, I am exaggerating a bit right now, but really, I can tell you, if you have ever tried Vietnamese Bánh da lợn and fell in love with it in an instant (just like me 🙂 ), then you will be absolutely thrilled about this “Europeanized” version.

Actually, this cake is my contribution to my mother’s birthday party last sunday and luckily, my mother was quite happy with the result, since we both are huge fans of the traditional Vietnamese Bánh da lợn which literally means “pig skin cake”. But you can rest assured, I didn’t use any pig skin to make this dessert. I think it only got its name due to its texture which is supposed to be as gelatinously soft as real pig skin.

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Oishii ~ >.< ! Deep-fried Kappa Uramaki Sushi

May 23, 2011

Hello folks! 😀

First, I am deeply sorry that I haven’t been able to post anything on my blog recently, because I was kinda ill last week. To be honest, there are a lot of issues coming up lately that’s why I tend to feel down from time to time, but now I think I have finally found a way to get through this kind of Teenage-life crisis, so to put it in a nutshell: I am back to life and posting again! 😉

So for my comeback, I will share with you my absolutely yummy Deep-fried Kappa Uramaki Sushi recipe!

And yes, there is nothing wrong with your eyes neither have I done a typo. These are really deep-fried sushi rolls and believe me, THEY. ARE. TOTALLY. DELICIOUS. resp. OISHII (in Japanese) !

Since sushi is one of my favorite dishes anyway, I haven’t expected it to be bad from the start, but honestly, the crispy, golden breadcrumbs coating just makes every kind of sushi even more flavorful and heartier than ever!

Actually, I have already heard about deep-fried Tempura sushi before, but unfortunately there are no tempura flakes left in my house, so I decided to use breadcrumbs instead. Besides, I chose cucumber as my sushi filling, but in fact, you can put anything you want into your sushi such as tuna, avocado and the like. Just let your creativity run wild, because that’ s what cooking is all about, right? 😀 Oh, and there is another thing that has to be mentioned, namely that I didn’t used normal Japanese sushi rice but New Crop Jasmine Rice (Thai Hom Mali) instead and in my opinion it turned out even better than the usual result, since that sort of rice seems to be stickier than sushi rice. That’s why the sushi roll won’t fall apart too easily while rolling it in the beaten eggs and breadcrumbs. Though, if you can’t get this ingredient just use what you have at hand, but I think the stickier the rice the better (maybe you can also use glutinous rice as well? Gotta try that next time).

By the way, if your deep-fried sushi roll is not cut into pieces yet, don’t you think they kind of resemble corn dogs very much? ^^  Enjoy the recipe!

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Mother’s Day Gift: Bourbon Vanilla Russian Bird’s Milk Candy (aka Ptiche Moloko)

May 11, 2011

Mother’s Day was already 4 days ago, but I just couldn’t post this on time since I was quite busy last week-end. Sorry for making you wait, guys. ^-^

As you can see, this year’s Mother’s Day gift are some homemade Russian candies whereas I have to admit that these are my absolutely favorite choice of sweets whenever I visit the Russian grocery store “Wostok” on the opposite side of our street xD. As far as I know, these delicacies are called “Ptiche Moloko” which literally means “Bird’s Milk” (please tell me if I am wrong), but don’t be scared! I promise you, you won’t need to use any bird’s milk to make these. Besides we all know that birds actually are not able to produce any milk, don’t we? 😉

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2011 Easter Menu with 5 Recipes

April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday, I was invited to a virtual Easter Party by Cooking Gallery where you have to share 5 to 10 Easter recipes and then tag 10 other food bloggers to join the fun. Actually, this invitation came just at the right time, because I was about to share my Easter Sunday Menu that I prepared in order to visit our former neighbors, with you anyway. So, thanks again CG 🙂

As you will see later, this year’s Easter Menu is rather Asian inspired, due to the simple reason that we have always cooked Westernstyle dishes for our neighbors before, so this time there is definitely a need for change. Oh, I forgot, except the cake for dessert of course, since this is obviously Western- or better said German-style ^^

So now I will be presenting you my Easter Menu 2011. Click on the links under the pictures to get the recipe. Enjoy! 😉

Appetizer: Curry spiced Siu Mai (aka Chinese Steamed Pork Dumplings)

Course in between: Carrot and Glassnoodle Salad with Sesame Seeds

Main course 1: Surimi and Cheese stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Tonkatsu-sauce

Main course 2: Vanilla and Cinnamon spiced Chicken Fricassee

Dessert: German-inspired Milchschnitte Torte Fraisier

NOTE: Maybe, you will be wondering now why I made 2 main courses, so I will just take the chance to clarify the misunderstandings right now. Actually, it has always been a tradition to cook more than our neighbors are able to eat, since we only visit them about 3 times a year, hence we are used to freeze some dishes so that they have always some food in reserve. Well, so the second main course was this time’s “frozen food”.

The whole menu took me a lot of time of course and I can say that I was really worn out yesterday evening, because I made everything on my own. It’s not that nobody was willing to help me, but it was my own decision to make everything without any help. I just probably needed a swinging challenge 🙂  Although it was not that easy I still think it was a lot of fun though. The very smiling faces of our neighbors are really worth the effort, since I consider them as my grandparents. I cherish them a lot ^^ By the way, we also gave them some frozen Bánh Bao from my previous post as a gift, so in general I think everything was a total success.


Before I forget it, this Easter Partie’s rules say that I have to invite 10 other food bloggers, so here is my choice:

  1. Angie Tee from Sea Salt with Food
  2. Best Oodles
  3. Mama Loli
  4. Tiffkey from Como Water
  5. Kate from Kate from Scratch
  6. Nam Nguyen from The Culinary Chronicles
  7. Eftychia from Dream of Cakes
  8. Gabby from Food Chow Down
  9. Lily Anette
  10. Token from Bento Lunch Blog
I know, Easter has already ended (my post comes a little bit delayed ), but I still want to upload this final picture. Wish you all a belated “Happy Easter” 😉

Easter Menu Dessert: German-inspired “Milchschnitte” Torte Fraisier

April 27, 2011

Milchschnitte – I guess not all of my readers are probably familiar with that delicious German snack so I am gonna explain it somewhat to you. Simply put, it is some kind of a little chocolate cake snack filled with a rich milk cream and almost everyone (I may exaggerate a bit ^^) loves it, especially children. And that’s it, I think.

German "Milchschnitte"

However, for dessert I knew that I absolutely wanted to make a cake and to be honest, I have already had the idea for this cake since Christmas and now I had finally the chance to put it into practice. In my recipe I decided to use a dark Viennese base  and some sort of margarine and milk cream, because I didn’t want the cream to be too solid when it is refrigerated. I mean, it is the same with the original “Milchschnitte” so I tried my best to recreate the secret recipe of the milk cream. On top of that I thought it would be too boring if there was nothing else apart from the cream and the base, so I decided to include some fresh strawberries.

But nevertheless, I am still not totally satisfied with the result, because the cream tends to be a bit too yellowish in color due to the margarine I used and somehow I didn’t work properly enough as you can see at the edges of the base (too much smeared with cream 😦 ). Anyway, I still need to improve my baking skills and you know, skills comes with practice, doesn’t it? 😉

And if you want more recipes of this years Easter Menu then click HERE.

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Easter Menu Main course 2: Vanilla & Cinnamon Chicken Fricassee

April 27, 2011

This dish is actually not the second choice of the main course but was rather dedicated to be frozen for our former neighbors so that they can have a quick, warm meal when they don’t feel like cooking.

I know, this dish rather reminds you of Christmas, doesn’t it? But never mind! It’s only the taste that counts, right? 🙂 And honestly, vanilla and cinnamon are just meant to be combined since they give that simple dish such great flavor. Simply give me a plate of this fricassee with some rice for lunch and I will be totally satisfied, not only physically but also in my mind 😀

And if you want more recipes of this year’s Easter Menu then click HERE. 

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Easter Menu Main course 1: Surimi & Cheese stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Tonkatsu-sauce

April 27, 2011

Did you know that Surimi-sticks (imitation crab meat) is one of my favorite snacks? 😉 I don’t know if they are unhealthy or not, but I just like their sweet taste too much to drop them from my daily diet. So when I was looking for something to stuff my pork tenderloin, the decision was made for my beloved Surimi-sticks of course. Besides, I also used some processed cheese slices to give the whole dish a hearty flavor whereas the Tonkatsu-Sauce (Japanese BBQ Sauce) definitely tops the whole dish off. Yummy! ^^

And if you want more recipes of this year’s Easter Menu then click HERE

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