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Party sandwich loaf – Christmas 2010

February 14, 2011

Hi there!

Today I didn’ t go to school, because my tummy made me feel very uncomfortable 😦    Staying at home all day long and not being allowed to go anywhere is really boring, so I decided to write a post in which I want to show you my party sandwich loaf that I made for our former neighbours in Christmas 2010.

They are an old couple and I think we know them since I was about 2 or 3 years old, so there is something like a very good friendship between us. Besides, I somehow consider them as my grandparents, because my real ones are living in Vietnam, so that I am not able to see them very often. However, anyhow there is a tradition we  follow since we moved away. Always to Easter, Christmas and to my birthday my family is used to pay them a visit and cook them a special meal in order to celebrate each occasion together.

And my contribution to the Christmas dinner 2010 was actually a party sandwich loaf. I was inspired by this recipe on the Internet, but I changed almost all of the ingredients, because I wanted to have another design for my loaf.

For the frosting for example I used red food coloring, some tomato paste, red paprika and curry powder to get more flavor. Besides, I was really hard to get a whole sandwich loaf here in Germany, so I used Tramezzini bread instead which I buttered with peanut butter and margarine alternately. The red layer between the bread slices is actually liverwurst and the white layer above (it’s a bit hard to see) is herbal cream cheese. And last but not least, I decorated the loaf with a couple of mini mozzarella cheese balls. I hope you like it 😉



All recipes are on Petitchef


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